On the 1s and 2s

Over the past two weeks, a San Francisco Chronicle reporter visited each of BART's (Bay Area Rapid Transit) 64 public restrooms.

Blood, urine and feces caked the toilet seats in many of the restrooms. BART replaces about 25 toilet seats a year.

Only 25?

One BART janitor who services several East Bay stations said he's cleaned up after people who defecated in the sinks.

I don't blame them for wanting to avoid the toilet seats.

One middle-aged BART rider traveling through downtown Oakland last week […] Without getting out of his seat, unzipped his pants and proceeded to urinate on the carpeted train floor before passing out.

I've never understood why BART trains have carpeted floors and upholstered seats. It's public transit! You want trains that you can easily pressure-spray with disinfectant. Steel floors, plastic seats.

The Maryland-based American Restroom Association advocates for the availability of clean, safe and well-designed public restrooms.

Maryland is just chock-full of niche associations.