Mess with the best, die like the rest

Fuuuuuck! While shaving my head, I noticed that my hairline is receding.

"Kung Fu Tootsie" beat "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" to top the Thai box office for the second consecutive weekend. [source]

The film is an action comedy about a triad gang forced to call upon their dead boss' son for leadership despite that son being flamboyantly transgendered, his only fight skills in the art of lady-boxing. [source]

Producers are already prepping a sequel: To Kung Fu, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.

Rush Hour 3 is an example of what I call an "illogi-quel."

In Rush Hour, Jackie Chan travels to America. In Rush Hour 2, Chris Tucker travels to Hong Kong.

In Rush Hour 3, the two travel to France.


Other illogi-quels include Back to the Future: Part III (past, future, 1885?) and Austin Powers in Goldmember (60s in present, present in 60s, present in 70s?).

The cast of Flash Point adopts Mixed Martial Arts, which audiences probably haven't seen before stylistically in close combat scenes. [source]

MMA, eh?

The line-up for WrestleFanFest 2007 is…eclectic.

Austin! Goldberg! Bud Bundy! Duke Evers! An HIV-positive boxer!

I like the Photoshopped smoke blowing out of Goldberg's nose.