Blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts

UCLA Live offered me access to a pre-sale for tickets to a production of Camelot starring Lou Diamond Phillips as King Arthur.

Sixteen of the "greatest champions in game show history" will square-off on Grand Slam, "the fastest and most intense game show ever created."

On Saturday's premiere episode, 2007 World Series of Pop Culture co-champion Victor Lee faces Jeopardy! marathon man Ken Jennings.

Grand Slam Tournament Bracket and Contestants

The biggest winner in the history of Lingo vs. the winner of the Jeopardy! Ultimate Tournament of Champions? That's cruel. C-R-U-E-L.

Suggested edits to the movie 300 for the DVD release of 300: The Definitive, Historically Accurate Cut
There Are No Such Thing as Shark Attacks