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You wouldn't like me when I'm angry…

PAs on the set of Cloverfield assured gawkers that the destructed cars, piles of rubble and bloody extras were involved in "a commercial for Kraft cheese…. It's a commercial about what happens when you don't get enough cheese."

A Kraft spokesman tells Radar, "When you first described it, it sounded like it could be a campaign for our new Kraft singles*, but obviously it's not…. We are clearly going to investigate this further within our cheese division." [source]

* Each slice contains five ounces of Ritalin.

Mattel is in talks with Hollywood partners to turn Magic 8 Ball into a theatrical release.

Hasbro is considering a film or TV show for its Ouija Board. [source]

Theme park rides don't seem so silly now.

What about a movie inspired by Kraft cheese?

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