I am the world's forgotten boy

Fred Savage directed Daddy Day Camp.

Unbeknownst to me, he spent the past few years directing children's television before landing the Daddy Day job.

Fred is currently directing episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Movin' on up!

For the next Celebrity Jeopardy! competition, I propose a Wonder Years night and a Boy Meets World night.

Wonder Years Night
Fred Savage: Stanford, English
Danica McKellar: UCLA, Mathematics (summa cum laude)
Josh Saviano: Yale, Political Science

Boy Meets World Night
Ben Savage: Stanford, Political Science
Rider Strong: Columbia, English (magna cum laude)
Matthew Lawrence: USC, Biology

Don't dumb down questions, er, answers, and ratings will skyrocket.

Jason Hervey is now business partners with former WCW promoter Eric Bischoff.

Shia LaBeouf reminds me of a young Ben Savage.

Fill in the blanks:

1. Are We There Yet?, Are We Done Yet?, Are We _____ Yet?

2. Daddy Day Care, Daddy Day Camp, Daddy Day _____

1. 18
2. Walker (Wesley Snipes replaces Cuba Gooding Jr.)

I played the youngest son on Step by Step.