Thank you, come again

I ship packages internationally almost daily for work.

The closest post office to my work office is a USPS outlet operated by a staff of Indian women.

I try to stop by after noon to avoid a particular surly morning shift employee.

"I think you need to stamp all four forms."
"No, just the first and last."
Cheery afternoon shift lady stamps all four.

"Can I get some Express Mail boxes?"
"We're out."
Cheery afternoon shift lady always hands me some.

Yesterday, I walked in before lunch with a stack of boxes and accidentally knocked over a read-out monitor while placing the boxes on the service counter.

The morning shift bitch glared at me silently for 30 seconds before calmly setting the monitor back up and helping…an Indian woman behind me.

I wonder if she hates Chinese people, because technically, I'm not Chinese.

I come in peace.

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