Split Happens

Noggin and The N will split into two 24-hour channels beginning December 31. [source]

Yes! 84 more hours for Degrassi mini-marathons!

The N will replace Nick GaS.

No! DirecTV doesn't carry Nick GaS!

There will be blood…

To fill in the extra time it will have, The N has acquired reruns of the former Fox hit "That 70s Show," which ABC Family is to begin running in 2008 as well. [source]

That 70s Show — what a slut.

I bet ABC Family is thrilled about having to share with a direct competitor.

"Degrassi" two-hour TV movie next spring

"You fucked Toby Isaacs?" Hee!

I keep waiting for [adult swim] to splinter off Cartoon Network. It already operates as a separate network.

Of course, Viacom owns the broadcast rights to much of what an [adult swim] channel needs: Wonder Showzen, TV Funhouse, Super Adventure Team, Sifl and Olly, Oddville, et al.

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