The Rape of Peking

Move over, Dubai.

In advance of the 2008 Beijing Olympics (boo, registration!):

A tangle of twig-like steel, nicknamed the Bird's Nest, dwarfs everything around the 91,000-seat National Stadium. (Swiss architects)

Next door is the National Aquatics Center, known as the Water Cube because it looks like a giant ice cube covered with bubbles. (Australian architects)

Visitors to the Egg, a performing arts center officially called the National Grand Theater, must pass under a giant moat. (French architect)

The new headquarters for China's state television network, CCTV, is a giant contorted square dubbed the Twisted Doughnut. (Dutch architect)

"Each floor plan will be completely different. The bathroom locations will be different on every floor."

The nearly completed new international and domestic airport terminal was designed in the form of a dragon's scaly back. (British architect)

Beijing has become Vegas for Western architects. What you build in Beijing…

Apropos of nothing, the Asahi Beer Tower and Golden Turd in Asakusa:

If the Japanese won't erect a building shaped like Godzilla, perhaps the Chinese will.

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