I wish I could fly away on a unicorn / I'm from the ghetto, and every day a human's born

Director Rod Lurie on his re-make of Straw Dogs:

[The original] was pretty much killed by a two-second moment on screen where his wife is being raped and she smiles. That was the end of that movie. You can be certain that she's not going to be smiling in the rape in my film. [source]


Over the weekend, I discovered that my local public library has a deeper video selection than most video stores.

You won't find 12 shelves of Russian film and television at Blockbuster. Heck, I doubt you'll find 12 shelves at Cinefile or Facets.

Also, the library carries wrestling videos!

I cannot wait to go back.

At the library, I saw an issue of The Saturday Evening Post on the magazine racks.

The Saturday Evening Post is still being published? I'd completely forgotten that it existed.

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is dating Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

He's certainly thinking different.

"Hi, I'm a Mac."
"And I'm un-PC."

Paramount will release an extended version of Transformers in IMAX theatres on September 21