Ambulance vs. Ambulance

Fortress Features is partnering with Pierce/Williams Entertainment on an untitled male stripper comedy starring Chris Pontius. [source]

Good God. A Party Boy movie?

Next year's Super Bowl will have a red carpet for arriving celebrities. And Ryan Seacrest will cover it. [source]

Not surprisingly, next year's Super Bowl airs on Fox.

"What are you wearing, Mike?"
"This? This is Reebok."

I caught an episode of Solitary, "the reality television version of Saw," on Fox Reality.

Hell's Kitchen 3 (also Fox) featured an Asian cowboy; Solitary 2.0 confines, among others, an Asian with a mullet.

Although Phu has never dated and still lives with his parents, he does have dreams of one day owning a photography business and eventually working for Playboy.

Such a flattering bio.

During Solitary's end credits, I saw someone credited as "torment producer."

"What do you do for a living?"
"Oh, I produce torment."

I wonder if she has business cards.

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