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Previously on Adam Riff™:

I ship packages internationally almost daily for work.

The closest post office to my work office is a USPS outlet operated by a staff of Indian women.

I try to stop by after noon to avoid a particular surly morning shift employee.

A different morning shift employee greeted me today.

"Can I get some Express Mail boxes?"
"We're out."
"Can you check the back room? Usually…"
"We're out. You can order them online."

I returned in the afternoon with a second batch of parcels.

"Can I get some Express Mail boxes?"
"Check the cubby hole."
"But the Express Mail cubby hole is always empty."
"You never know…"

I walked over and checked the cubby hole.

"Nope. No Express Mail boxes…as usual."
"Okay, how many do you need?"
"Wait, you have boxes in stock?"
"Of course. This is a post office."

These Indian women exasperate me.

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