Ay Carrabba

well, i got a tattoo today. it is to show my loyalty to dashboard confessional and my faith and trust in them to not disappoint.

i have been thinking about getting a dashboard tattoo for a while. (my wife courtney and i already have lyrics from 'hands down' on us, but that is more about us than the band itself).

when i saw this art for the new album on wednesday i knew i had it. so as a leap of faith in dashboard and 'the shade of poison trees' today [i got this…]

I once considered getting a tattoo of the head of the bear on the cover of Soul Coughing's El Oso LP (to show my loyalty to the band and my faith and trust in them to not disappoint, of course).

Ignore the red glasses. I culled the image from a 2001 post on how I resemble the bear.

That post will never resurface.

Also considered: A Captain Shiner (Primus) tat.

Predictions for the NFL season presented as the Star Wars universe
Darth Vader gargoyle