One more drink and I'll move on

Things that irritate me:

—Kanye West diluting the punch of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger."

—Paying $2.17 for a bag of ice.

—Quizno's. If you're gonna charge $6.50 for an 8" sandwich, I expect an 8" sandwich. Don't try to pass off a leftover cut of bread as "regular" size when it's obviously 7" long.

—That Tim Goodman doesn't let his kids watch commercials. Smug alert!

—Trying to separate clear packing tape from clear bubble wrap.

—Uncrisp white peaches.

—Value added taxes, particularly Canada's.

—When a car I'm trying to pass changes lanes simultaneously.

—When I message someone and receive a one word response followed by "I gotta go." I'd rather you not respond at all than tease me.

The last item actually infuriates me.

"I gotta go!"

Fuck you, hot shot.