Fuck the heck?

So this was my Saturday. I returned from Boston where my cousin Kaitlin got married (in the same hall that I had my Bar Mitzvah… weird, I know. You can tell we're a very religious family) on a flight to Philly out of Logan at 11:30 AM. Not a big deal. A few things happened on the flight:

— I was one row in front of the spacious exit row. In that exit row was a 100-pound, 70-year old woman. I was not happy about this. I thought the airlines were supposed to move people that had absolutely no chance of removing the emergency exit door.

— There was a 20-something hipster across the aisle from me. As the plane was getting close to landing, they told us to turn off all electronic devices (side note: have you noticed that airplanes no long include a "no smoking" sign above you? It's been replaced with a "no electronic devices" sign), where he turned off his iPod. The flight attendant then said to him, "and please remove your headphones." He didn't, saying that "my iPod is off – my headphones block the noise". At this point, the flight attendant went into full Terror Alert: Red mode, saying very loudly "Is this going to be a problem?" The hipster removed his headphones and said something about complaining. This I don't get – he turned off his iPod (I assume this because no hipster would rightfully own a Zune) – what's the big deal about having your headphones on? I don't get it.

— Why do you put your seat back all the way when you spend the entire flight leaning forward looking out of the window? I'm looking at you, Mr. Seat in Front of Me.

Unrelated – Sox are up 7.5 right now on the Yankees, and we're looking at possibly being up 8 going into the Toilet. This is awesomely exciting.