I'm convinced that my brother will someday declare bankruptcy. He cannot manage money whatsoever, and he's majoring in business!

This week, he bought a MacBook Pro with the intention of replacing its 120GB hard drive with a 250GB hard drive and buying and installing Windows.

"Why didn't you just customize a PC laptop? Save yourself hundreds of dollars…"
"Geek Squad said MacBooks are more reliable."
"But you obviously don't want a MacBook! And, Jesus, Geek Squad?"
"Don't lecture me on what I spend my money on!"

Listen, you insolent little shit. I don't care what you spend your money on; I care how you spend it so recklessly! I care how you buy bargain DVDs and video games just because they're bargains! I care how you buy video game strategy guides that are available for free online! I care how you bought a Nintendo Wii only to loan it out to your friends! I care how you saw a Sudoku pamphlet while waiting to check-out at Safeway and decided to buy it! I care how you buy food when you're not hungry just because other people are buying food!

I care because I probably won't have the money to bail you out when our parents are dead and maybe, just maybe, I care enough about you to worry.