Cash Course

Previously on Adam Riff™:

Tushar claimed that I couldn't use $100 CAD bills in Ontario (wrong!).

I had to pick up hard drives today around noon, which allowed me to eat at a nearby sandwich shop that's only open during lunch hours. Its spicy turkey sandwich is mighty tasty.

After ordering, I remembered that the shop only accepts cash.

I opened my wallet.


In Toronto, I decided to prove Tushar wrong at an empanaderia that I'd read good reviews of.

"I'd like a chicken empanada and a Diet Coke."
"That'll be $6.73."
"Do you accept $100 bills?"
"I'm just asking."
"Okay, yeah, we can accept a $100 bill."
"Oh I don't want to pay with a $100 bill!"
"No, it's cool."
"I was just…"
"I said it's cool!"
"But… [sigh]"

"That'll be $9.90."
"Will you, heh, accept Canadian bills?"
"They're just like American bills with the current exchange rate! And look, an Asian girl on a sled! Or would you prefer…uhhh…Incan statues in a rowboat?"


I haven't visited a bank since I returned home.