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Sunday's Raiders game against the Texans did not sell out, so it will be blacked out on television. My local CBS affiliate will air the Patriots-Colts game instead.

I've compiled my favourite comments on SF Gate regarding the blackout:

—This is a true "Commitment to Excellence."

—The game WILL sell out. First friday of the month, cash them unemployment and welfare checks and give it to Al Davis.

—It's a conspiracy against the Rayduz. Good news though, you should be able to go get some new little skulls and face paint real cheap as the halloween stores close up for the season glue them all up to your #18 jerseys and look real tough as you cheer like Trent Dilfer scoring a TD when you guys commit a personal foul… you showed them!

—Come to a Raiders tailgate, and repeat this out loud, and I'm sure you will be singing a different tune once the Paramedics bring you back to life.

—On behalf of The Raider Nation I want to offer my sincere apologies. NOT!!!

—Raider Nation? Name a nation where there are only 40,000 citizens. Most educated people call it a village.

—JSpicoli: Please change your blog name. You are an insult to Sean Penn and the REAL Jeff Spicoli. But in reading your posts, I have to confer that you might actually smoke more reefer than the REAL Spicoli. Were you able to pass US History on your own or did Mr. Hand come to your home for a little one on one in your bedroom? Kinky.

Comment of the Week

From a TWoP forum posting on the season premiere of Nip/Tuck:

—I kept expecting Christian to say to Daphne Zuniga's character: "And as far as certain plastic surgery I may have to give you back… your old nose!" followed by the appropriate picture being whipped out.