No Laughing Matter

On Thursday, NBC will air the final new episode of The Office until the writer's
strike ends.

Bet NBC regrets commissioning those four hour-long episodes.

Losing The Office wouldn't distress me as much if Curb Your Enthusiasm,
South Park and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia didn't conclude their seasons this week too.

I am rapidly running out of comedies to watch, or rather, comedies that amuse me. 30 Rock has five episodes left, Aliens in America eleven.

I may finally give in to How I Met Your Mother.

"Frances is a girl's name, right?"
"It's both."
"Well, Francis with an I is, but Frances with an E?"
"Do you know any male Franceses? Er, what's the plural of Frances with an E?
"Frances with an E, I think. It's like moose and moose."
"'Do you know any male Frances?' That sounds awkward. I think I was right — Franceses."
"Then what's the plural of Francis with an I? Francises? That's confusing phonetically!"

God, I need co-workers.

I work above a credit union with a drive-through ATM. How lazy must you be if you avoid stepping out of your car to avoid stepping inside a bank?

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