Nature abhors a vacuum

In the waning days of eighth grade, I asked our class president to sign my yearbook. She wrote "Have a good summer! KIT" followed by her phone number.

I didn't have a good summer, and we didn't keep in touch.

If you want to keep in touch with me, you have to reach out to me, because I probably won't reach out to you.

I know that sounds selfish and solipsistic, but I'm uncomfortable reaching out to people. Being perceived as a nuisance is a major hang-up of mine. If you reach out to me, then I know that you approve of contact from me.

The problem with not actively reaching out to people is that, over time, they forget about you and stop reaching out to you.

I have unintentionally socially disassociated myself from my past. I have lost touch completely with all my friends in high school and college and all my former co-workers.

The present is my past, and it foretells a desolate future.