Adam Ramblings 6

» I'm happy to report that Rory is safe and in protective custody.

» Rest in peace, Aaron. You leave a hole in our site that will be difficult to fill.

In memoriam

» Jimmy V Week is mercifully over. It's safe to return to ESPN.

» Currently on television, you can watch competitive reality series involving fashion designers, fashion models and fashion photographers.

» In Top Chef's holiday special, Padma says, "$20,000 is a lot of money." Uh…no, it isn't. 10-year-olds receive $20,000 for doing chores on Kid Nation!

» I love how Disney Channel sitcom writers pepper in jokes for adults, like the writers for Animaniacs. For example:

Miley likes a student named Jake Ryan.

When he was younger, people called President Martinez (John D'Aquino) "Pumpkinhead." D'Aquino starred in the 1989 movie Pumpkinhead.

Max's "Wii Wand" flies out of his hand because he didn't wear its wrist strap.

» Home Alone is Hostel for kids.

» I saw an ad in the paper for a stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar "featuring Corey Glover, lead singer of the hit rock band Living Colour as Judas."

» A few pages later, I saw an ad for a one-man stage adaptation of It's a Wonderful Life. "Dan Hiatt plays 35 characters!"

» Quizno's Flatbread Sammies look a lot more impressive on television.

» The only way to eat a Vietnamese sandwich is ignorantly. If I knew what I was eating, I'd probably gag.

» I cringe every time I see the domain name

» I can accept misspellings of "ridiculous" and "you're," but in what world does "comming" look correct? Read it aloud! "Comming" = "calming." The continuous forms of "fume" and "name" clearly aren't "fumming" and "namming" — why would the continuous form of "come" be any different?

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