Square One

I'm considering becoming a math teacher.

Yes, I majored in English, but all I ever read is that schools need math and science teachers.

Science was my worst subject in school, so teaching science is out. In college, I satisfied my science GEs with classes on smog and cancer.

Math, on the other hand, was my best subject in school until I hit Calc BC. I scored higher in math than in verbal on my SAT. I scored a 780 out of 800 my Math IIC SAT II. I scored higher on my Calc AB AP exam than on either of my English AP exams. I think I can at least teach pre-algebra.


Why the fuck did I major in English?

The more I think about it, the more I realize that teaching math is a better gig than teaching English. You don't have to grade papers or discuss books and (gag) poetry. In math, answers are either right or wrong. I'd just have to be able to solve any problem thrown at me, and I'd have a teacher's copy of the textbook to assist me.


Reach for the stars, Jon. Reach for the stars…

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