Adam Ramblings 7

» I Am Legend in five words: Wow. Will Smith is buff.

» Dexter is like Nip/Tuck with annoying introspection.

Both shows are/were set in Miami.

Both shows follow men who cut recumbent people up.

Each season, both shows introduce antagonists who either die or disappear in the season finale. Rudy, Lila, Lundy = Ava, Quentin, Michelle.

» The main problem with Dexter is that you know he's never in real trouble, like Jack Bauer, which tempers suspense.

» I don't understand people who hate reality television. Doesn't interest you? Okay. But HATE? Don't delude yourself into thinking that television would be infinitely better without reality programming. WITH reality programming, networks still picked up Back to You and Bionic Woman and Cavemen and Viva Laughlin.

Besides, how can you hate shit like this? It's funnier than Scrubs.

» I've never seen a season of Survivor that rewarded the survivors with more food than Survivor: China. Almost every reward challenge involved a feast, and the survivors still complained about hunger!

» I bet Paula Deen is wild in bed.

The McLobster is Real

» I wonder if Japanese restaurants in Baltimore serve a "Samari Roll."

» I pray the cause of my death isn't extreme weather.

» Old people (50+) who post on Rivals and Scout boards perturb me.

• January 21, 2006: Second Half Surge Not Enough for UCLA Against No. 12 West Virginia

• February 10, 2007: No. 2 Bruins Drop Road Contest at West Virginia, 70-65

» John Beilein left West Virginia to coach Michigan in April. UCLA plays Michigan on Saturday. I've had December 22nd circled on my calendar for months. This is the year…I hope. Yes, Michigan lost to Harvard earlier this month, but my beloved Bruins could easily start sluggishly, dig a double-digit hole and then rally furiously only to fall just short.

The 20 Ugliest Colleges in the USA