Paul is dead

20. For You. Old School
19. Console Water Muted Qur'an
18. Plasma Sightstochasticity Sight of Gold
17. Kan'tne East Welcome Week
16. A.W.O.L. Alak
15. Televisionfeet Outside Mirages
14. Dave-A Upstanding Japanese Citizen
13. The Black Stars Pleasant Thud
12. Larj Garth The Flood 1/3
11. Injustice
10. The Local Mixed Martial Artist
9. About Saskatoon Cheering Flora, Am I the Creator?
8. John Bjorn and Peter Joyce Carol Oates
7. Ostentatious Cat They Were Alive After the Dinghy Resurfaced
6. Solo Pony Begin to Cease
5. Edward Leonard and the Pushers Dying with the Dead
4. Fork Goo Goo Goo Goo Goo
3. La-Q You Won't Sleep When I'm Alive
2. Old Old Horse Stadium Lousy Office
1. Wars Contrasted