Adam Ramblings 10

» Remember when the White Sox improbably won the World Series a year after the Red Sox did?

Yeah… Book it.

» Apropos of nothing:

» LT looked like Charth Vader on the sideline.

» A case against HD: Terry, Howie and Jimmy outdoors in sub-zero temperatures. Tom Coughlin looked pretty haggard too.

» Where all the black kickers at?

» "Hasta la vista, boredom!" Oh, TV Guide

» Sausage! Sausage!

» Note to Diet Dr. Pepper: Supermarkets don't have dessert aisles.

» Verizon Wireless Test Man has a daughter? A sitcom must be in development.

» Did you know? Nick of The Amazing Race 12's father is alt-country troubadour Robbie Fulks.

I have this older son who's 23 now, and that's one way I find out about things. Recently, he was listening to some Beyoncé, and I ended up buying a record of hers. [source]

» All-Stars' lame "Newlywed Game" < TAR 3's animal totem pole < TAR 12's final challenge < TAR 9's flags < Family Edition's absurdly intense geography puzzle.

» Final challenge idea for The Amazing Race 13: Without a map, find every country you visited in a field of 100 different shapes. Simple, challenging and, most importantly, telegenic, which TAR 12's logic list was not.

» I think my cousin Wayne is in jail.

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