Atari: The Coppola of gaming

The Bluegrass Tribute to Jack Johnson
"A trip from the backyards of Hawaii to the front porches of Appalachia."

Crash, the 2005 best picture Oscar winner, will become a 13-episode television series for Starz

Film Review: 2 Girls 1 Cup

Anti-Hillary slogans
"Wanna See Hillary Run? Throw Rocks at Her!"
"I Wish Hillary Had Married O.J."

Wes Welker's parents have a portrait of their son in their home.

Gladiators 2000, a children's version of American Gladiators hosted by Ryan Seacrest, will return this fall

Vince McMahon is on the verge of fulfilling his life long ambition of running an incest storyline. Paul Birchill and Katie Lea shall be doing it as brother and sister. [source]

Clay Aiken says he doesn't have sexual urges

At lunch today, I watched Bill Bradley answer audience questions on The Martha Stewart Show.

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