… I don't want to get off on a rant here, but …

Okay. Really, Congress? Really? That's how you're playing this? Really?

I mean, it wasn't enough that Clemens is so unbelievably obviously lying, and that McNamee (however much of a scumbag he is) is telling the truth that you had to have a bunch of Republican Congresspeople get up there and defend Clemens as much as they could while attacking McNamee. I get it. McNamee lied. Yes. He lied to the fucking press. But God forbid that he do that then change his story when, oh, I don't know, under oath?

Here's some other fun facts:

Rep Foxx (R-NC) got a bunch of money for a fucking teapot museum. That's right – the woman who thought a posterboard-style set of evidence that Roger was innocent fought in Congress for her constituents to be able to have a teapot museum in their town.

• Rep Burton (R-IN) is the same class act who shot a pumpkin to "collect evidence" for the Vince Foster hullabaloo, and once knocked up his girlfriend (while he was married) and went years without visiting his son.

I'm not condemning the GOP here – there were a couple of Dems today who shit the bed equally, but come on. This was absurd. If you don't want to appear partial, as soon as it's over don't go over to Roger and shake his hand and pat his back.