Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said

Previously on Adam Riff™: I've long been fascinated by television nomenclature.

Posts like #2031 are why I've considered lifting our ban on comments, but my buddy list prefers that this web site remain commentless, so…blame them.

Anyhow, some reader-submitted additions to my list:

"Amazing Race names each episode after a quote from that episode."
excluding season one

"grey's anatomy also uses song titles, though i think they're running out of coldplay."

"That 70s Show: Season 5 – led zeppelin songs. Season 6 – the who songs. Season 7 – rolling stones songs. Season 8 – queen songs."

"Monk titles every episode with 'Mr. Monk and* _____.'"
* and/Goes/Gets…

"Scrubs always names their episodes with 'My _____________.'"

"Chuck episodes are always 'Chuck vs. the _____________.'"

and a few more from me:

The names of Slings and Arrows episodes mostly reference the Shakespeare production of the season (1. Hamlet, 2. Macbeth, 3. King Lear).

The names of Eek! the Cat episodes are predominantly plays on film titles, and the names of Hannah Montana episodes predominantly play on song titles.