No Love Lost

I had a nightmare last night.

In this nightmare, I learned that I forgot to include the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in this week's sidebar and freaked out.

"What? It doesn't begin this week! I would know if it began this week! Why would MARCH Madness begin in February? It was pushed up? What the? Why? The season's still in progress! I just… It isn't? WHAT? No way… No no no no no no no! LIES! You LIE! That isn't true! I know that isn't true! LIAR! I researched this sidebar thoroughly! I would never let the biggest sporting event of March or February or whatever slip past me! I would…..MOTHERFUCKER! Fuck me! This is embarrassing! I look so fuckin' unprofessional! How did…..guh! Deep breaths, Jon…"

And then I woke up.


I shall continue voting for Danny Noriega until he spontaneously combusts on stage.

Randy looks like he just ate poop without using his hands or a napkin.

I sent a package today to the Billings Scuba Center.

A scuba center. In Montana.

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