Adam Ramblings 15

» I hope our beloved Bruins draw Thursday/Saturday games in the NCAA Tournament because I cannot bear to watch them play on Sunday again.

» Roy Hibbert sure blinks a lot.

» While pondering breakfast burritos, I wondered why Pizza Hut hasn't tried to sell a breakfast pizza yet. Just add eggs to a six-inch bacon and sausage pie!

» I hope newspapers don't completely disappear, because reading a phone at lunch looks bizarre.

OMC: How bizarre?


OMC: How bizarre? How bizarre?

Oooh baby…

» On Friday's episode of Degrassi, Marco almost prostituted himself to a male politician so he could afford to go clubbing.

What happened to this show?

» ABC is in talks to pick up 18 more episodes of Scrubs, possibly sans Zach Braff.

Why won't this wretched show die?

To steal a line from TWoP, Scrubs, you are past your relevance. You are afterbirth.

You are Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus.

» Stuff White People Like suggestion: St. Patrick's Day. I don't know a single non-white person who gives a shit.

» My prayers have been answered. 24 years later, Fox will finally release a sequel to Bachelor Party!

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