People Diving

Oh no he didn't!

Luke: He had one chance to save himself, and he picked WHAM??? For real? [source]

Archuleta has a terminal case of earnestness. Like, what's more PAINFULLY earnest than "Imagine"? "Another Day In Paradise" is what. He can't top himself next week unless he does a monologue as the therapist in Good Will Hunting. [source]

I had dinner with my cousin Betsy's family last night at a Chinese restaurant named "iRestaurant."

Her kids are soooo adorable. I wish I knew how to connect with them.

On the iRestaurant menu: "Magic Flavored Crab." We weren't willing to spend $18 to see what magic tastes like.

When ordering dessert, I pointed at a photo that intrigued me. "I want this."

"This" turned out to be chunks of cantaloupe and honeydew topped with Oreo ice cream, slices of banana, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and a cherry.

Oreo and melon pair better than you think.

I finally learned the English name of my favourite fruit: Wax Apple.

I haven't visited Taiwan in over a decade, but when I used to, my relatives would buy me cases of wax apples to eat.

Alas, you cannot bring wax apples into America. I bet I can buy them in Vancouver though.

I should just fuckin' move already.

"after 'SNL' spoof." Jesus…

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