House of Blues

—that shouldn't have counted

—not you too…
—1. ucla doesn't hire, train or assign refs
—2. maybe teams should quit squandering leads to put refs in a position to hand the bruins games

—ucla plays the winner of washington vs. cal on thursday
—whether i believe in karma depends on the opponent

—greg paulus looks like a fucking aids patient
—late night out with the lacrosse team

—the duke mascot's headband reads: "go to hell, north carolina"
—eve carson approves this message

—thanksgiving must be awkward for speedo guy's family
—i'm guessing speedo guy's brother wasn't his best man
—his brother should've busted out in a speedo at the wedding during the vows and started dancing

—the acc is clearly basketball's al east

—lew alcindor is #1
—how anticlimactic

—he's ben's man on the ship

—you never see peyton or eli with their wives
—i'm beginning to suspect that they're locked away like bertha in jane eyre

—the parents of duke players emit a "stage parents" vibe

—espn didn't think to put mcconaghey in a speedo?