Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Malkmus

On Brett Myers:

He's a bad man. He's a bad redneck.

On Joakim Noah:

In the basketball leagues there are some guys who I won't pick because I just don't like them. Like Joakim Noah. I don't like his look, and the fact that he played for Florida.

On Greg Oden:

I would have taken Durant right away. I don't trust this Oden guy. He's not Dwight Howard. He's slow and old.

On Matt Barnes:

He's a loser.

On Baron Davis:

He's so lazy.

On Monta Ellis:

He's like a Dwyane Wade that doesn't get hurt and do fake flops. He's so cool.

On Jamal Crawford:

He's so cute. A little waterbug.

On Quentin Richardson:

His divorce, or whatever is going on with his superstar wife is pissing him off or he's just old.

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