Adam Ramblings 17

» I like this photograph.

» America's Prom Queen premieres tonight on ABC Fam. Judges include: Brooke Hogan, Sean Kingston and Theo Von (Road Rules). I am not making this up.

» Also good: "Drew Neitzel has some of the hairiest arms I have ever seen. He's a great player though."

» On BART trains and at Muni stations, I've seen ads that read:

When you have a credo you stand for something. CREDO Mobile stands for progressive causes such as gay marriage, forest preservation and freedom of speech. Join CREDO Mobile and help change the world each time you make a call.

The company's web site adds:

Choose the mobile company that supports your beliefs. With CREDO Mobile, 1% of your charges go to progressive non-profit groups. Every one of our phones is a tool for change.


I support progressive causes too, but only an idiot would select a mobile carrier based on how much it may change the world.

» The title of Bill O'Reilly's latest book, Kids Are Americans Too, perfectly encapsulates why I cannot take him seriously.

» "Do it" — so innocuous, yet such a prevalent euphemism for sex.

» March 20th of each year is International Clitoris Day Celebration.

» Food that's sweet and creamy nauseates me. I can't eat Cadbury Eggs or Beard Papa or Jell-O Pudding.

» Idea: Bird poop paintball. Load all guns with white paintballs, invade a shopping center parking lot and play.

» One of ESPN's NASCAR analysts is black.

» I'm tired of hearing sports pundits complain about late start times. Major sporting events start after 9:00 p.m. ET because a quarter of the country is at work until then. You never hear people on the west coast complain about early start times. I'd much rather stay up late one night than wake up every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. for three months to watch football, but them's the breaks.

» Who is this Asian guy and why did he settle in Tennessee?