Adam Ramblings 18

» Click the left red button.

» I received a traffic violation notice in the mail from the City of Millbrae charging me with a red light violation based on photographic evidence. Apparently, I didn't stop completely before right-turning on red into non-existent cross traffic.

I'm tempted to contest the violation, but I'd rather not attend a court trial or compose a written declaration. If I was motivated though:

"Fuck you, cop! I'm not giving the Shitty of Millgay $480 so it can issue more bullshit citations for intuitive 15mph rolling stops! I'll pay the bail amount when you get off your useless ass and do some actual police work! Amirite, judge?"

$480 plus $25 for traffic school… Guh.

I suppose I could use the credit card miles.

Oh and I was right-turning into a BART station to catch a train. [pause]

I don't think I've ever seen a (non-Asian) hot chic ever eat KFC. [source]

» Stuff White People Like: Stuff White People Like.

» A local casino booked Gwen in Doubt, a No Doubt tribute band. If you Google "gwen in doubt," the first result is Without a Doubt, another No Doubt tribute band. Because one No Doubt tribute band isn't enough.

» I'm considering changing my band's name from The Blond Jews to The Desperation Three and adopting the stage name Evan Retarded.

» CBS canceled Jericho again and now fans are mounting another campaign to save the show.

Someone suggested an account be set up where fans could send money for the production budget. If each fan paid 40 bucks we'd have enough money for a full 3rd season.

Jericho is aired in 30 countries at the moment so a shared-cost approach would be entirely possible. [source]


Jericho fans exasperate me. Stop it, losers! The show's even less worth saving now! You want it to continue? Write fanfic.

» I returned from lunch on Sunday and saw:

Final? I thought. The game hadn't started when I left. I checked the box score.


I messaged Hornblower.

—did arkansas surrender?

—it's at the half
—but they might as well just surrender
—i can't imagine being in that locker room
—what can you say as a coach?
—"uh, let's not give up another 51 points?"

» I wish I knew how to excerpt the footage of this band geek celebrating.

The Hilltoppers move on to play UCLA. So we're looking at a blowout or an extremely close game with a controversial ending. [source]

» Comedy sketch idea: Wrestling referees ref a UCLA game. Ben Howland distracts the refs. Ref bumps. The opposing coach tries to wake an unconscious ref to call a flagrant foul.

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