What We Do Is Secret


I overheard a guy talking on his mobile and almost every other word out of his mouth was "fucking."

"I fucking forgot my fucking keys at your fucking apartment and couldn't fucking open the fucking door…"

He dropped "fucking"s like girls drop "like"s or basketball players drop "you know"s and "you know what I'm saying"s.

My vernacular idiosyncrasy? Beginning statements with "well."

"Well, I can't help it!"

My buddy list can attest.

I also sigh a lot, which annoys my boss and parents mightily.

"Why do you sigh so much, Jon?"

Well, You'd rather I vent obscenities?

Sighing can be positively cathartic too. Sometimes I sigh to compose myself before delving into a task. I'm not stressed; I just want to focus.