Prnks fr th mmrs

cue: Wayne's World flashback sound

1982: Jerry "The King" Lawler slaps Andy Kaufman on Late Night with David Letterman. Hard to believe that Raw's annoying lech announcer was involved in such a masterful con.

1989: Totally Hidden Video parts a basketball court above an indoor pool during a high school reunion in a gymnasium. Elderly people and patio furniture tumble into the water. The producers scar me for life.

1990: I fill an empty can of 7-Up with Pert Plus and trick my buddy Jeff into drinking shampoo (and conditioner).

1991: The Ultimate Trickster opens in Hong Kong. Stephen Chow plays a trickster for hire. Andy Lau plays his mark. Many, many tricks are played.

1992: Penn and Teller publish How to Play with Your Food, their follow-up to Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends. The former includes a sugar packet you can't tear open. The latter is unreadable if you flip through it like a normal book.

1998: South Park reveals that Cartman's father is "Not Without My Anus."

2000: Goatse "rolls" the Internets.

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