My friends will all be famous

—you know those little plane silhouettes that they used to paint on fighter planes? i think i'm going to start collecting those, but wifebeater silhouettes for every man who has hit a woman who i have beaten up.
—bah. you don't appreciate novelty tattoos that also convey a message.
—you also don't hit men who hit women

—are tegan and sara lesbians

—i'm shooting stills on a porn set tomorrow night, more or less for fun…
—i'm getting paid shit but i can ask for a percentage of however much they sell the shots for to a suicide-girls-esque website
—any ballpark on the % i should ask?
—(not really any clues on

—when I was working from home, getting stoned all the time
—It was almost 10 times a dy

—tatum o'neil is still incredibly attractive

—i have a video….
—thats on the computer in a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry hidden spot in a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry locked file

—hey, on emore thing
—my friend likes to record himself scrwing girls
—but he always asks usif we want to see anyting
—back then id always tell him to do the dx crotch chop
—wahts a good wrestling sign move he can use
—thats not whooo

At last a chance to use my new baseball pulp icon
Overheard in Davis Sq Station
"BATTLEGROUND EARTH challenges Ludacris and Tommy Lee to battle against the toxic forces destroying mother earth"