Adam Ramblings 20.5


» Fighting over furniture trade shows is retarded like the Special Olympics. Even if you run… Er…


» "Independent" by Webbie is a Destiny's Child-ish feminist song performed as a Cash Money anthem by a MAN. Head asplode.

» Today I shared the track where I run with a father teaching his son how to pole vault. Odd way to bond…

» Picnics are more hassle than they're worth. I can sit and eat outside at a restaurant too.

» I never understood why anyone on Sesame Street would choose to hang out with Telly. Worry-warts are no fun.

On his debut in 1979, he was known as the Television Monster, a character that was fixated on television. He had antennae standing out of the top of his head, and his eyes would whirl around when he watched television. [source]

Original T sounds way more interesting.

Skins will dump its original cast in favour of an all new line-up for next year's third series. In the future, the show will operate in two-year arcs.
Google's Zurich HQ
He's like a giant letter "T" that goes fucking nuts
You should have asked her about dongs.