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I saw an ad for Maker Faire Bay Area 2008 in The Onion that listed a "life-sized mousetrap" as a featured attraction.

What? I thought.

Why would you craft a life-sized mouse trap?

To catch life-sized mice? To catch Mouser?

Is the bait a wheel of cheese?

The Life-Sized Mousetrap —
a giant re-creation of the popular board game


Well, that's neat.

Where's the cage that actually traps the mouse though?

The Maker Faire press release also lists:

• a wedding in a self-propelled 3-story Victorian House
• Power Tool Drag Races
• a 17 foot tall, 1-ton walking robot giraffe
• a "MindReadingMartiniMaker" cocktail robot
• Diet Coke & Mentos shows

If only the Faire didn't conflict with SFIFF… I already spent $65 on non-refundable movie tickets.

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