Don Draper

Previously on Adam Riff™:

My buddy Jose won a Pulitzer this week as part of the Washington Post staff that covered last year's shootings at Virginia Tech.

Jose called.

"Jon, are you free next Wednesday night?"

"Probably. Why?"

"The venture capitalist who paid my college tuition is throwing me a party in Palo Alto. I can invite 20 people. I want you to attend."


"Eleanor and Nathalie will be there too, so you'll know some people."

Eleanor and Nathalie? I thought. From high school?

Swell. I've spent the better part of this decade fleeing my past, and he sets me up to re-connect. It won't be awkward at all!

Oh and what if he invites her?

While I no longer actively hate her with every atom of my being, I will NEVER let bygones be bygones. Simply typing "her" re-aggravated the wound.

Guh. Why did I agree to attend?

Right. Because Jose's my friend, and you're supposed to support friends.

"Remember my series on AIDS? A local filmmaker is adapting it into a documentary feature. I'm receiving writing and producing credits."


Fuck him.