Falling Down

Spurs fans: Maracas?

Actually, I'd pay money to see race-traitor Steven shake maracas.

Manu's bald spot is like manifest destiny.

Idolator asks: Are there any musical acts who have come up since the turn of the millennium who can headline a 50,000-capacity festival?

Coldplay and Jack Johnson for sure. Kanye West. The Killers. Linkin Park. Muse.

Jeesh. The music industry has established about as many superstars since the turn of the millennium as WWE.

Adam Riff™ guilty pleasure Nathan Jones returns to cinemas in Som Tam, a martial arts comedy about a timid foreigner in Bangkok who hulks up when he eats the titular spicy papaya salad.


Hurl! will debut this summer on G4.

Four contestants must each eat large amounts of a specific food like chicken pot pie or mac and cheese in a short period of time.

The contestants that ate the most food and didn't regurgitate move on to a physical challenge like strapping into a gyroscope or sitting down for a sadistic tea-cup ride.

Anyone who hasn't lost their lunch will then be forced to eat MORE of the same kind of food. [more]

Inducing vomit for entertainment purposes is definitely a better use of food than feeding the hungry.

Wendy's has joined McDonald's and KFC in selling a chicken wrap. I wonder which one is The Apprentice, which one is The Rebel Billionaire and which one is The Benefactor.

Eat your heart out, Letterman.

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