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Previously on Adam Riff™:

An American Crime, which just premiered at Sundance, dramatizes "the single worst crime perpetrated against an individual in Indiana's history."

After reading Wikipedia's primer, I'm inclined to say it's the single worst crime perpetrated against an individual in ALL of history.

With no real box office prospects, An American Crime will open quietly Saturday night on Showtime.

Critics rave:

Ellen Page is incredible, even if her most of her performance involves lying still and being beaten. [more]

Jaguar Love and The Wombats are playing shows in San Francisco soon.

Both shows are at Popscene, however, which is 18+, doesn't sell advance tickets, and opens its doors at ten on a Thursday night.


The last club show I attended was Doomriders at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago three years ago. I think I can wait a bit longer for return engagements.

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