Hot Stuff?

Previously on Adam Riff™:

Hi Im A Fascist: would he really be wearing purple pants… i mean, its the 21st century
Rory Hornblower: well
Rory Hornblower: it's also set in san francisco

Shoulda been you, cilantro…

—tumblr was horrible today
—so many people talking about apple like it matters

I love when an entry on a tumblelog is a response to an entry on another tumblelog, which is sometimes itself a response to an entry on another tumblelog. It's like the world's least practical forum.

Similarly, I love the lack of context on Twitter pages.

"@JennySekwa Well, he is Jesus Shuttlesworth."

Who is?

"@Kza The whole "no one sings especially well" thing didn't bother you any?"

What are you talking about?

I love Jake and Amir.

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