In a World Gone Mad

I'm ready to proclaim a winner for "most bafflingly awful song of the year," not to be confused with "worst song of the year."

I know it's only June, but I'm confident that no song released in the next six months will be more bafflingly awful than Wheatus' song about Obama featuring MC Lars.

Listen: "Change the World (Black Precedent)"

"Retract a whack precedent, elect a black president!"


I'm sure McCain is crushed that no one's recording shitty songs about him.

Edit: Earnest shitty songs. Shitty parodies of shitty Obama songs don't count. That includes "Raining McCain."

other bafflingly awful songs of the year:
Rehab – "Bartender Song"
The Pharcyde – "Passin' Me By (Hot Chip RMX)"

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