Between screenings today, I thought I'd play some roulette.

As I approached the roulette tables in the casino, I noticed video roulette machines across the walkway.

I lost $20 to a computerized roulette wheel.

I'm disgusted with myself.

Of course when I bet $5 on black the ball lands on red! Of course!

It looked fun…

Last year at a TIFF screening, I happened to sit in front of a few contributors to Twitch.

Today at a screening, I happened to sit in front of Dignan, whose Twitter I follow and whose blog I used to link before he switched to Twitter.

I'll be at the Los Angeles Film Festival next week. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Tuesday, June 24th: A conversation with Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright, moderated by South Park's Matt Stone.

Speaking of TIFF, I bet Colin Geddes scores the world premiere of Thaipocalypo

for this year's fest.

5-25-77 prepped for a Toronto debut

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