There's a lot of gloating I could do around here. There is. I don't remember Len Bias (I was 6) but I do remember Reggie Lewis. I do remember that I pretty much wrote "RL 35" on all my school books, on my shoes, and on anything else I owned. I loved Reggie. He died. Come to think of it – Reggie Lewis was really the first person I cared about who died.

I'm very pleased today.

Jon, soon enough, will post a conversation we had after Game 4 where I compared the Lakers to the worst things imaginable. I called Phil Jackson a fraud (who got outcoached by one Doc Rivers this series) and I'm pretty sure I called for a "NO MEANS NO!" chant at the Garden. But any actual fan of sports (you know, ones who don't show up halfway through the first quarter and actually can keep an NFL franchise in their city) had to have loved seeing three actual decent human beings in Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett win a title and not some rapist. I love to remind Laker fans that Ray Allen called the whole Kobe Bryant situation when Kobe stupidly drove the 2nd best big man of all time out of town. I also love to remind them that their beloved "M-V-P!" was booed at home back at the start of the year. There isn't a more unlikeable athlete in all of professional sports – at least Alex Rodriguez doesn't yell at his teammates (unless they shoot it in his eye). A-Rod comes off as more of a tragic hero to me, mostly because he's got a severely damaged psyche but can play baseball like he's fucking Zeus.

At least the Hawks won all three games on their home court and made it a 7 game series.


  1. Drew 19 Jun 08 at 00:32

    …stupidly drove the 2nd best big man of all time out of town…

    Who's number one?

  2. Drew 19 Jun 08 at 00:33

    It didn't take my HTML!

    Arvydas Sabonis.

  3. Ben 19 Jun 08 at 07:53

    Drew –

    Bill Russell was.


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