You play with fire, you get cut

I checked my watch. 8:20. The man said 8:15.

Call a cab, Jon.

But I prepaid for a return trip! Even if I can afford to, I'd rather not eat $6.

I called the company to check the status of my shuttle.

"Please hold."
"Your queue position is: two."
"We're sorry. The extension you dialed is inactive."


First of all, I didn't dial an extension! Second…

I checked my watch. 8:25.

Okay, I can't wait any longer.

The taxi queue in front of the hotel was empty.

I cut off the guy walking in front of me by entering the queue from the front instead of the back like he did.

My conscience let him board ahead of me.

The taxi queue captain, who was chatting with a friend on her mobile, waved a cab over.

As he boarded the cab, the guy asked the captain about good clubs to visit.

"Tonight? Eh… You should club tomorrow. Hold on."

She asked her friend on the mobile with about good clubs to visit on Wednesday night.

"You have to be kidding me," I thought.

I tried to wave a cab over myself. She waited for her friend to ask another friend. The guy checked his mobile. His cab driver waited helplessly.

"EXCUSE ME! I need to get to the airport!"

Miss Captain, now flirting with Club Kid, waved a cab over halfheartedly, and I let myself in.

If I wasn't in a rush, however…

"Open the door for me, bitch! It's your job!"

Then I would've tipped her by hurling a handful of change in her face. Nickels, preferably.

In the cab, I stewed over the missing shuttle.

"The extension you dialed is inactive!" It wasn't yesterday when I called to schedule a pick-up!

Inactive… Bollocks.

I bet someone will answer tomorrow when I don't need him or her to.

I'm-a call the shuttle company every day for the next month and schedule bogus pick-ups.

On the plane, I sat window and a woman sat beside me even though the aisle seat was open.

"Bitch, your ass is on my seat!" I thought. "Move the fuck over! This isn't a clown plane! Yes, I called you a 'bitch'! Are you not sitting in the 'bitch' seat?"

I recorded a bunch of notes on the past few days which I will share over the next few days.

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