I began reading again, resuming with noted book designer Chip Kidd's The Learners: The Book After The Cheese Monkeys, a favourite of mine.

The Cheese Monkeys chronicles an anonymous protagonist's discovery of graphic design in college. The Learners chronicles his first job out of college at an ad agency…and his participation in the Milgram experiment.

The experiment works thematically, but derails the narrative. Suddenly, the focus becomes Hancock's convoluted origin and mythology of "his kind."


I wanted to read more about advertising. More Cheese Monkey, less Lab Monkey.

Note that The Learners is a work of fiction. Kidd opted to use an actual psychological study as the central plot device.

Kidd's obvious references to David Rakoff and Chris Ware also pulled me out of the book.

Michiko Kakutani I'm not.

I need a new book to read.

I considered Sedaris' latest, but I feel it's too trendy.


  1. John Barleycorn 08 Jul 08 at 08:47

    "Last Night at the Lobster" by Stewart O'Nan.

    Or "Born Standing Up" by Steve Martin, if you're not into fiction.

  2. Forest 08 Jul 08 at 17:44

    If it's more adveritsing you want, pick up 'Then We Came To The End' by Joshua Ferris.


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