SF Frozen Film Festival 08

Outside the theatre, I heard someone say, "Mom, dad, this is the director."

I looked over and saw MC Lars with his parents.

The Frozen City
"For eight consecutive years, Winnipeg, Manitoba has been crowned 'Slurpee Capital of the World.'"

Entertaining, but slight.

Nerdcore for Life
"Profiles the fascinating and tumultuous world of Nerdcore Hip-Hop."

I wanted to like it more, but many nerdcore artists are just not endearing.

It was cool to "meet" the guy behind Star Wars Breakbeats.

MC Frontalot only appears via concert footage because he's the subject of a rival nerdcore documentary.


  1. Doctor Popular 14 Jul 08 at 02:53

    Man, I loved Frozen City!

    Not only was the film's subject entertaining, but the quality of the film (shot on 16mm?) and the editing really blew me away.


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