1. ernest riles 17 Jul 08 at 17:30

    when Dr. Janohsz Poha from Ghostbusters 2 said "imminent coup (coo)", i expected them to cut to Jack Bauer cooing like a pigeon.

    i'd watch that.

  2. hugostop 17 Jul 08 at 18:19

    if someone uses that 'requiem for a dream' music again im going to shoot myself in the fucking face.

  3. vladmir 17 Jul 08 at 18:54

    what the eff was up with that fuckin voiceover? sounded like a major douche.

  4. Cangrejero 18 Jul 08 at 00:04

    It sounded like someone on one of those godawful VH1 pop culture shows doing a bad impression of a voiceover for 24.

  5. Ben 19 Jul 08 at 03:27

    When it went to black I expected Kevin Garnett to pop up screaming.

    Oh yeah- the Lakers lost to the Celtics in the finals, bitches!


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